Dog Daze of Summer
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Celebrity AudioScopes CD : includes 99 tracks, 79 mins. of audioscopes for you & celebs from Cheney & Bush to Karl Rove, Condi Rice, John Ashcroft, Tom DeLay, Bill Clinton, John Kerry and others. $5 Send $20 cash, checks & money orders to MC AudioAstrology c/o DougGroupp 257 Ainslie #3 * Brooklyn, NY 11211 *
BunchofFools.jpg A Bunch a' Fools PolitiPostCartooCards
Check out some of these PolitiPostCartooCards. Series of ten (10) collectibles are certain to make a witty political statement to friends, family & the U.S. Postal Service ... More postcard designs:
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davek.jpg DADA T-Shirts by Doug Groupp
High quality, sweatshop-free, comfy 100% cotton, hand silkscreened American Apparel or ClassicGirl Tee Shirts for Boys & Girls! Choose sexy design & personal karmic colors; All sizes: S M L XL . Great gifts! Choose from more designs at .
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Cyclops Colloseum T-Shirt
Cyclops Colloseum (All natural, sweatshop-free, 100% cotton-- All sizes: S M L XL)
Model not included.
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dog_hand_layout.jpg Dog Hand T-Shirt
Sweatshop-free, 100% cotton, high-quality T-shirts with Dog Hand design. All Sizes.
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cat.jpg Black Cat T-Shirt
Sweatshop-free, 100% cotton, high-quality T-shirts. Flashlight Crackers * Sm Me La x-Lg.
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smile_100.jpg GoodKarma Ready-Mades
GoodKarma packages for friends and family. Non-transferrable. Good Karma lasts for up to one lifetime.
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Celebrity AudioScopes CD
This CD includes 96 Celebrity AudioScopes MP3s + 3 bonus tracks (99 total!) recorded by MC AudioAstrology for Celeb cameos by Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Karl Rove, John Ashcroft, Tom DeLay and you. How does it relate to you-- or your favorite likeminded astrologically-inclined friend?? FInd out here. Tell Your Friends, "The Future is as Close as Your Ears." "These make terrific presents." Marcel Marceau
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cat.jpg KittyKam DVD
KittyKam DVD: The breakout hit from everyone's favorite children's cable access TV show, Brooklyn Blowback now collected on DVD. KittyKam features the inspired crazy antics of Chairman Meow Tse Tung and her best friend Gwyneth Meowtrow at home in Brooklyn. w/ music - for children of all ages.
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Tell Your Friends: The Future is as Close as Your Ears. Please email for order info